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I am Disabled VietNam Era Veteran with 30+ years experience in the Public Sector.


Curtis L. Walker is a Viet Nam ERA Disabled Veteran who served four years aboard the USS TURNER JOY, DD-951.

Currently an Administrator with 30+ years in public service, with a couple of years to go to retire and do what he wants to do, rather than what ANYONE tells him he has to do, think or most important, what to SAY.

I was an Obama National Delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 2008, something that was a very unexpected journey!

Senator Obama inspired me to leave the Country in a better place than I found it. He actually is responsible for "re-awakening my patriotism!"

The great thing about being a Democratic National Delgate is that you were not required to drink the so-called "KOOL-AIDE" and always can think for yourself and have your OWN opinion, and even question concepts, ideas, plans and potential legislation.

I am one who deeply cares about bringing sensible change to Washington, the State and our wonderful Nevada county. That is why I moved here a number of years ago.

I have a strong interest in veteran, disABILITY, and economic issues that impact workers of America, and in our rural life-style and economy. The lack of real Broadband Internet access in rural areas, for example, limits the ability of rural residence to compete with urban Americans employment and business opportunities and access to information for education and personal growth.

A primary goal of this blog is to provide information to bring Americans together, rather that fight because of their differences, for the betterment of mankind.

My Hobbies: Gardening, Walking The Woods With The Dogs, and Traveling with my wife Sherri. Politics and political involvement is not a hobby, it is an obligation.

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Might Just Be You.


my hobbies: gardening, walking the woods with the dogs, and traveling with my wife sherri. politics and political involvement is not a hobby, it is an obligation.